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Epicly Hiliarious!

What would yo do if newgrounds blew up and a million rainbows sprinkled down upon you with their radiation magic and the whole world was the......Newgrounds.


I wish beating that guy was that easy! HAHAHAHA!!! Great job man!


Cool man. I forgot to vote earlier, but it's all cool now. Lol. I'll make my 60 frames worth it.

SteakandKidneyPie responds:

Who told you to vote? Anyway, hopefully you could join others.

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Great game!

I love the dad flashes, so it would seem diting that you should have made a game for it! This was a very good game to play. I couldn't get past the football players on Normal though. I guess I just suck at it, but it was very fun!

Really cool.

It wasn't as epic as the first one though. I miss fighting Zombie Goku. Also, I worked so hard to get to the Zombie Dragons, and as soon as they got their first turn, they used both of their instant kill moves, and I didn't even get a chance to hit them. I died. As soon as that happened, I said, "Nope" and left the game. Maybe that battle would have been better if only ONE of the dragons did instant kill, but not BOTH! That was just cheap. The game is very entertaining though, with funny attacks involving a little cat with a big sword and a weapon that's also a guitar. The music was prety good too, although at some points it did start to get annoying, especially during the boss fights. It's a decent game to play a couple of times, but as I said before, I don't like the instant kill GAME OVER screen I got a minute ago.

Awsome game!

Even though it is only 1 level.
Deaths: 6
Who can beat that?

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This is fantastic!

Now I must go on a picnic! Haven't had ants in my food in a long while and I think it's about time.

I want one!

Could I have a song for my birthday too? Pweeze! It would make my life so much more worth living! It's June 12th, so you have plenty of time. Please don't forget me!!!!!! Stalagmite, you rock!

Stalagmite responds:

good god. if i made one for everyone who asked i would have to quit my job ^ ^ thanks mate!!! X3


If you're looking for a vocalist my bro might be able to help out. He's actually really good for a screamo. Lol! He used to be in a bad known as Oath of Vengane. I think they have a Myspace or something, so check them out if you need him for a vocal. He can also play some guitar. It's funny b/c he told me he has no fuckin clue what he's doing when he's playing cuz he doesn't know a single chord. He just goes with what sounds good! Anyways, this is an awesome metal brain shredder!

JonSantiago responds:

Sure man. if he can record it and make it sound good its all good to me.

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This made me laugh out loud for realzies!

TheSpicanator responds:

hahahah i try

Mudkip and Pedobear.

Together they make a tag teak against 4-chan girl! Mwahahahaha!!!!!!! Pico better watch out for that Shoop Da Whoop! Thanks for taking me back to the old memes of the interwebz.

Kitala responds:

Haha thanks. Yeah I had fun.

Dude! This is cool!

Making a pixel art of Samus with the windows tab thingies is pretty good! You getz a 10z!

Me have Flash Trial Version now so me going to make animations now. Already made some that got blammed so me made a newer better one and just uploaded it. Me dunno how to post thumbnail for flash though.

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